Roll-to-Roll and Sheet-to-Sheet Equipment

  • The Basecoater is a continuous Roll-to-Roll Coater

    The Basecoater was designed to coat reproducible substrates and chemistry combinations with materials consumption rate as low as possible. With a working width from 200mm up to 500 mm, the Basecoater can be used for a variety substrates such as textile, foil, paper and non-woven. The coater was designed to offer maximum flexibility for reproducing production and trial run lengths. The Basecoater utilizes a quick-change modular coating application system.  It can include foularding, laminating and an efficient electric-heated dryer. A SPS-control system completes the resemblance to a large coating line. This is why the Basecoater is often used by customers for yarn coating or belt substrates.   Basecoater Brochure  
  • The revolutionary system for dynamic process flexibility

    The Click&Coat™ is not a traditional pilot coater design. The revolutionary Click&Coat™ concept is far ahead of ordinary pilot coaters. Instead of single fixed plant you have a wide range of component options that can be added or replaced by "clicking" them in place as your needs change.   With this most modular coating systems approach, exclusively from Coatema, components can be configured to achieve your immediate goals and also have an almost infinite variety of process alternatives and expansion. The control technique and the flexible cabling were specially designed for Click&Coat™. The innovative Coatema Click&Coat™ pilot coater can be assembled from a selection of over 25 modules that can be combined in a variety of configurations to deliver a pilot line to meet the most demanding performance requirements. Click&Coat Brochure
  • The Easycoater is a discontinuous high-tech coater for single piece coating.

    The Easycoater is designed and constructed to build product models fast and reliably. Therefore you can use a slot die, a knife or a screen system. It is available in standard sizes, such as A4, A2 or A3, but it is also available in special sizes. The Easycoater is S7 controlled so that reproducible models can be made. The plant is easy to use and besides the various coating and printing systems an electrical hot air dryer can be integrated (as well as UV or IR). The Easycoater can be offered with only a base frame or complete enclosure is possible. There is also an option for a glove box with inert atmosphere. Substrates can be fixed in a simple clamp, a textile tenter frame or on a vacuum table.   New EasyCoater Brochure
  • 5-in-1 Roll-to-Roll Coating

    Quick adaption of various appliation systems

    Most R2R lab units available today have the inherent problems of a relatively wide working width and a high through put speed. That's where the Coatema Smartcoater fills the gap in the market. It's a versatile development tool for production processes on a small scale with working widths from 100 mm to 300 mm and a wide range of coating, printing and laminating applications and productions speeds. Sophisticated products can be produced on the Smartcoater with a minimum use of substrate and chemistry. To reduce the setup time during test runs the 5-in-1 coating module has been developed. This combined solution is unique on the market. Smartcoater proof of concept can be tested in Coatema's R&D Centre located in Germany.   New Smartcoater Brochure
  • Smallest Coaters and Printers - Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll

    This compact and budget orientated product platform offers coating, printing and laminating on a small scale for sheet-to-sheet and roll-to-roll applications. Printing options include Slot Die, Doctor Blade and Comma bar.   New TestSolution Brochure