Coatema Easycoater

The Easycoater is a discontinuous high-tech coater for single piece coating.

The Easycoater is designed and constructed to build product models fast and reliably. Therefore you can use a slot die, a knife or a screen system. It is available in standard sizes, such as A4, A2 or A3, but it is also available in special sizes.

The Easycoater is S7 controlled so that reproducible models can be made. The plant is easy to use and besides the various coating and printing systems an electrical hot air dryer can be integrated (as well as UV or IR). The Easycoater can be offered with only a base frame or complete enclosure is possible. There is also an option for a glove box with inert atmosphere. Substrates can be fixed in a simple clamp, a textile tenter frame or on a vacuum table.


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  • Small frame size
  • Precise application systems
  • Versatility in application systems
  • Motorized application systems
  • Low waste of substrates and chemicals
  • Complete enclosing possible
  • Short delivery time
  • Can be tested in our R&D Centre

Product features

Application systems

  • Knife system
  • Screen system
  • Slot Die system


  • Enclosing the complete Easycoater
  • Heated vacuum table
  • Tenter frame for textiles
  • Various size for substrates: DIN A4, DIN A3, DIN A0 and special sizes

Fields of application

  • OPV
  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Battery
  • Fuel cells
  • Silicone coating