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NovaCentrix PulseForge® 1300

Higher Power, More Material Options

The PulseForge 1300 from NovaCentrix is the state-of-the-art photonic curing tool for research and development. Designed to reflect the experiences of our own team of scientists, the PulseForge 1300 incorporates features determined to be essential for peak performance. With advanced multi-touch user interface and wide control of processing parameters, users can quickly optimize material configurations and process conditions.


Engineered for Performance, Built for Use

The engineers who created the PulseForge 1300 emphasized safety throughout the design process. Some features, like the redundant optical shrouding around the lamp assembly and the multiple EMO safety pull-switches are readily apparent. Others, such as the sealed and gasketed sample processing chamber, the redundant panel/enclosure interlocks, and the numerous software system checks are less obvious.

More Peak Power

The state-of-the-art PulseForge 1300 photonic curing tool has been upgraded to deliver 40% more peak power. The PulseForge 1300 now features up to 35 kW/cm2 of user-selectable delivered peak radiant power- the highest delivered peak power available in any photonic curing tool currently in production anywhere in the world. In addition, the average power delivery and the total energy delivery have been substantially increased.

When combined with NovaCentrix’s SimPulse® digital pulse-shaping technology, the more powerful PulseForge 1300 platform improves processing of ceramics, semiconductors, and other high temperature metals on glass or other high temperature substrates, at industrial rates. This same ultra-high power technology is also now available in the PulseForge 3300, the industrial version of the PulseForge 1300, so that process conditions developed in R&D can be immediately applied to production.