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Energy Storage

Semitronics works in partnership with battery technology suppliers such as Forge Nano to manage the collaboration into project definition and implementation.


Atomic Armor

Forge Nano’s proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology, Atomic Armor, enables atomic level engineering and nanoscale surface enhancement to build better materials and unlock its potential to build better products. Atomic Armor applies ALD coatings with speed and precision to unlock your product’s performance and scale beyond anything imaginable.

Powder Coating Equipment

Forge Nano equipment precisely applies ALD onto ultra-high surface area powders.


R&D Scale Wafer Coating: providing easy and visible mechanical fluidisation of powders for ALD applications. Optional GMP compliance adds the benefit of ALD for pharmaceutical applications. Powders, flats and unique substrates may all be processed within the PANDORA reactor.  The system features a small footprint with minimal utility requirements making it affordable and simple to install.


Commercial Scale Wafer Coating:  with fluidised bed reactor that provides our most cutting-edge research capabilities on a single, configurable machine. Forge Nano has installed PROMETHEUS in laboratories and universities all over the world. Forge Nano scientists run PROMETHEUS systems every day for in-house ALD research. The system features a variety of reactor sizes that enable research from 1g to 20kgs of material.Prometheus was designed to accelerate the development of commercial PALD applications. Prometheus is lab-scale and built with scalability in mind. With multiple reactor sizes available, batch size is adjustable.


R&D Scale Wafer Coating: the LITHOS System provides a simple scale-up pathway for coating large batches of powder in a pilot or commercial production setting. The system uses mechanical agitation and stirring to maximize gas-to-solid contact and assure repeatable coatings on batch sizes up to 1000 kilograms.


Commercial Scale Coatings: Forge Nano makes high volume ALD coatings scalable and affordable.


Coating Commercial Scale Continuous Vibrating Reactor: Forge Nano’s Continuous Vibrating Reactor System combines our expertise in material handling with a deep understanding of ALD, delivering a robust and reliable industrial machine. The CIRCE system is designed to coat each particle with unrivaled thickness and conformity control, without aggregating particles. CIRCE is designed for our customer’s product specifications to optimize reliability and performance. The Continuous Vibrating System lets you maximize production capacity with a compact footprint.

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