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Printed Electronics

Flexible Electronics are a class of electronic devices built on low cost substrates, including plastic, metal foils and paper. Flexible Hybrid Electronics combines printed electronics with silicon-based integrated circuits on  conformable substrates.

Cure on Heat-Sensitive Substrates in Seconds, not Minutes!

PulseForge Digital Thermal Processing™ provides curing and sintering of thin films at high temperatures on low-cost, temperature-sensitive substrates, including paper and PEN.

Metalon® Conductive Inks for Printed Electronics

Available in silver, copper, copper oxide, and carbon, our highly-conductive, resistive, magnetic off-the-shelf and customized inks satisfy full-scale manufacturing, prototyping, and research budgets.

Measuring Films in Printed Electronics

Semilab has a strong scientific background and a long history of excellent cooperation with academic customers to develop tailored solutions for R&D applications in the semiconductor, photovoltaic and flat panel display industries, thin film research, materials science, and related scientific disciplines. Most of the tools are focused on thin film and surface characterization. All systems are versatile and offer a wide range of configuration options in order to meet the broadest range of needs. In order to achieve the best solutions, Semilab is always open to engage in joint scientific work with its partners and presents the results on conferences and in top quality publications.


Delta Printing System

Explore XTPL's Open Prototyping Platform, delivering reliable, repeatable, and durable results for high performance materials. Easy to operate and maintain. Ideal tool for R&D in various microelectronics applications.

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