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XTPL Supplies Delta Printing System to the Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey

Updated: May 11

Friday 26th April 2024

Semitronics and XTPL proudly announce the installation of another Delta Printing System within the UK at the University of Surrey, within the Advanced Technology Institute. The advanced printing technology will be used to develop novel electronic devices and circuits.

XTPL's prototyping platform delivers reliable, repeatable and durable results for high performance materials. Easy to operate and maintain, the Delta Printing System is the ideal R&D tool for a wide range of microelectronics applications.

Technology Highlights

  • Ultra precise high resolution printing of linewidths down to below 1 μm

  • Wide variety of printing materials: nanoinks, QD inks, dielectrics, photoresist, polymers

  • Uninterrupted interconnections on highly complex topographies

  • Ultra-high-resolution printing on almost any substrate

  • Ability to print  small feature sizes with high viscosity materials

  • High aspect ratios just after a single pass

  • Printing on heterogeneous materials and 3D topographies

  • Fast & easy exchange of cartridges & nozzles

  • Conductive and not conductive material support

  • Uniform & clean features geometries with no overflow or spills

  • Just 0.1 ml of ink required to start printing

  • Close to 100% ink utilisation

For more information on the Delta Printing System Click HERE.

Contact Jeremy Davis e:

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